Brooklyn Bedding Review

When looking for a mattress many people overlook certain details that can make or break a mattress purchase. Brooklyn Bedding is one of those companies that does everything a true mattress company should. Brooklyn Bedding has been promoting their mattress as the “Best Mattress Ever”. Were here to find out if this is the case.

Brooklyn Bedding is a family owned company based out of Phoenix Arizona. Their Mattress company started out by finding mattresses with defects and selling them for affordable prices to people in need. This helped them start their very own mattress.

What’s in this Mattress?

This Mattress is broken down into three different types of foam.

Top Layer – This is made of Brooklyn Bedding’s proprietary Titanflex foam. This layer is specifically designed to keep you cool. Brooklyn Bedding’s gel technology in the foam that allows for your body to adapt and keep cool all while hugging your body tight.

Middle Layer¬†– This layer also utilizes Brooklyn Bedding’s proprietary Titanflex foam. This layer is a bit more dense which allows for much more support than the first layer while also providing optimal breathability.

Bottom Layer – The bottom of this mattress is like most other mattresses and utilizes high density poly foam as its base. This makes for a durable mattress and gives a sturdy base layer to most mattresses.

Which Brooklyn Bedding Mattress is best?

There are three different types of Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses. There is one for every type of sleeper it really depends on your preference.

Soft – This mattress has a serious amount of sink to it. You really felt fully encompassed within the mattress.

Firm РThis mattress gave made you feel very much on top of the mattress with very little sinkage.

Medium – This mattress was right in the goldilocks zone of mattresses. Not too firm and not too soft. I found I was most comfortable in terms of pressure relief and support. This would be my mattress of choice between the three no question.

Frequently asked questions

What is the return policy for a Brooklyn Bedding Mattress?

Brooklyn Bedding has possibly the best return policy out there. They will allow you to return your mattress up to 120 days. That’s a whole month longer than most allow for. My favorite part about their return policy is that they don’t even want the mattress back they will help you donate it to people in need.

Are the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress the best choice for me?

These mattresses are truly the best choice for anyone. I can confidently say that there is truly a mattress for anyone within these options.