Casper Review

Taking a deep dive into what makes the Casper Mattress so great.

For our first review it is only right that we start off by talking about the Casper Mattress. Casper is one of the most well known companies in the online mattress arena. They were the first movers into the mattress on demand industry. Lets break down this mattress fiber by fiber to show you why so many people are sleeping with a casper.

Ordering your casper mattress is easy as a few clicks. You get to choose the day it is delivered on and it comes in a convenient vacuum sealed box.   After cutting open the seal the mattress rapidly expands is in perfect shape in minutes.

The difference between casper and your basic foam mattress is its the varying types of foam.

The top layer on a casper mattress is the response foam. The response foam is the least dense layer that allows you to sink into the mattress. It is also designed to be very breathable for hot sleepers.

The second layer is the memory foam which provides that push back necessary for lumbar support and contouring.

The third layer is the poly foam. This layer acts as a median between the most plush foam and the more supportive foam.

The last and final layer is the high density poly foam. The poly foam is there to build a stiff foundation. This layer provides the most resistance for your body.

Sleepcompare gives this mattress a 10/10 and it is the mattress of choice that we personally sleep on!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Casper really the best choice for anyone?

It is difficult to say that casper is really the best for everyone. We chose this mattress as our favorite simply because it was affordable, comfortable and had a satisfaction guarantee. They guaranteed me that I would like their mattress and if I did not I could return it within the 90 day window.

Where can I see comparisons between the top mattresses?

You can read about all of them here by following this link!