Best Bed Frames for Casper

Pair your casper mattress with a frame like a steak and fine wine.

Sleep compare has tested multiple bed frames with a Casper mattress and has found only certain bed frames work the best. Below is a list of our top picks for the best bed frames for a casper mattress. I have categorized them in order of expensiveness.

If you are interested in getting a mattress frame with the most bang for your buck look no further than the Zinus SmartBase Foundation. A common problem with cheap mattress frames is that over time the screws tend to loosen up and cause the bed to make excess noise when moving around on it. This noise-free Mattress frame has almost 20,000 raving reviews testifying to that fact.

The cheapest bed frames aren’t so easy on the eyes but lucky for you the next step up isn’t that much more expensive. The Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Platform Bed is a sturdy bed frame with wooden slats. The leather is a nice touch that can bring a modern ambience to the bedroom.

Ikea is a shining star when it comes to bed frames. They are a clear runner up for mattress frames. Their Swedish craftsmanship are one of a kind and are unlike anything else in the industry. Their keen European sense of style gives off the feeling of pure luxury without breaking the bank. Make sure to take a peak to ensure you aren’t missing out on their continuous deals.

Amazon has shown time and time again that their supplier’s mattress frames are the finest of the internet. When it comes to utility, ease and style they are unmatched.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these the best bed frames in general, or are these truly specific to Casper?

Sleep Compare feels that it is extremely important to test each frame with each mattress. After laying on and testing many mattresses the flaws in combinations show themselves more frequently.

What is the most important thing to look for in a mattress frame?

Style, comfort and sturdiness are the most important things to recognize when it comes to pairing. We make sure to see the frames are well built so no matter the situation you get yourself into you know you have a beautiful plush reliable frame.

What is the gourmet cheese in this analogy?

Your sheets pillows and blankets obviously!

Do I really need a bed frame?

It depends. Are you a dirty mongrel that prefers sleeping on floors. If yes, then you are correct. You don’t need one. In all honesty it is not good for your mattress to be on the floor.  Microscopic bugs have been known to burrow deep into your mattress fairly quickly and make themselves at home. Get yourself off the ground with one of these mattress frames to prolong the value and age of your mattress.