How to Buy a Mattress with Bitcoin

Buying your mattress with bitcoin can be a difficult process.  Lucky for you, there are systems in place that allow you to purchase anything from Amazon with Bitcoin. is a platform that connects customers who have excess amazon credits with people who want to purchase products with Bitcoin.

My favorite part about is setting your own discount with an Amazon wishlist. When you set your own discount people with excess Amazon credits have the option to give you a better rate if they choose to help with your purchase. This makes buying an expensive mattress a lot easier saving you more money for the future. Rates are normally around 5%, Although when you have a wishlist and are willing to wait you can receive up to 33%.

If you would like to purchase a mattress directly from the manufacturer with your bitcoin currently your best option is checking out GhostBed. These mattresses are great and we support them even more for accepting bitcoin as payment.

Do you have other forms of cryptocurrency that you would like to spend on your mattress? is the easiest way to spend your Bitcoin on everyday products. Overstock even has ways for you to spend your alt-coins utilizing You cannot get the same percentage discounts utilizing overstock but the process is a lot faster.

Spending your bitcoin on big ticket items can be a nightmare when looking at the price appreciation. Our suggestion is sticking with and Ghostbed to avoid the despair knowing you are now sleeping on a million dollar bed!

Frequently asked questions

How can I buy bitcoin if I do not have any?

Coinbase is the easiest and fastest way to purchase Bitcoin. SleepCompare loves Bitcoin and supports the community to its fullest.

Why would someone want to purchase a mattress with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is seen as a store of value and its limited supply has allowed the price rise to be meteoric. The high price tag for a Bitcoin has made it so people do not mind selling some of their profits on real world items.

Should I hide my hardware wallet under my mattress?

Here at SleepCompare it is ill-advised to hide your hardware wallet under your mattress. We highly suggest placing it in a safety deposit box or somewhere you consider very safe.

Why doesn’t Amazon accept bitcoin themselves yet?

We here at Amazon believe that this is due to the fact that they would rather wait and see how bitcoin plays out. Once mass adoption comes it will be difficult for them to resist. Amazon also has not added PayPal so we don’t see this as something that is coming soon. There are some people who seem to think that they will though. Will Amazon accept bitcoin?

How should I value my mattress after bitcoin’s meteoric rise?

While it is important to save money we believe a good night sleep is more important. Don’t keep yourself up at night pondering how much your mattress costs in Bitcoin terms. This can lead to lack of sleep which we want to keep you as far away from as possible.