Buying Guides


This is one of our newest sections to be added SleepCompare. Our Buying Guides are going to be a collection of guides at how and who to purchase from.

Our first buying guide that we started with was:

How to buy a mattress with Bitcoin

We explored all of the different options that are on the internet for someone who would like to purchase a mattress with bitcoins.

We are going to take  a lot of time on these pages to look deeper at who is a trustworthy source in the mattress industry. There unfortunately is a lot of snake oil in this business and most of the mattresses you find online are just basic pieces of foam with a nice cover wrapped around them.

Not only are the mattress producers fraudulent at times its important to look into the resellers too.   Resellers and affiliate sites at times will shill any mattress company that will pay them a commission for making a sale.  If the mattress is coming from outside the United States right then and there its important to change your thoughts on what mattress you are thinking about purchasing.