Casper Mattress Review

You may be wondering:

What makes the Casper Mattress so great?

Lets take a deep dive into what makes the Casper Mattress one of the fastest growing mattress company.

Lets break down this mattress fiber by fiber to show you why so many people are sleeping with a casper.

The Purchase and Unboxing

Ordering your casper mattress is easy as a few clicks.

You get to choose the day it is delivered on and it comes in a convenient vacuum sealed box.

After cutting open the seal the mattress rapidly expands to perfect shape in just a few minutes.

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What’s Inside?

The difference between casper and your basic foam mattress is its the varying types of foam.

  • The top layer on a casper mattress is the response foam. The response foam is the least dense layer that allows you to sink into the mattress. It is also designed to be very breathable for hot sleepers.
  • The second layer is the memory foam which provides that push back necessary for lumbar support and contouring.
  • The third layer is the poly foam. This layer acts as a median between the most plush foam and the more supportive foam.
  • The last and final layer is the high density poly foam. The poly foam is there to build a stiff foundation. This layer provides the most resistance for your body.

When I tried the mattress, I realized it offers more resistance to my body weight which makes the mattress more bouncy. Nevertheless, my body still experienced the memory foam’s contouring qualities. I felt well supported.

Casper Pillow

After sleeping with a Casper pillow for over a week I decided that it was going to be my go-to pillow for a long time.

It was difficult to use this pillow every single night in a row because my significant other repeatedly would steal it because she enjoyed it so much.

Much like the mattress there are layers to this pillow:

Some reviewers will cut open the pillow and show you these layers but I chose to be normal and keep my pillow in tact because I like to sleep on my pillows.

Here is someone ruining their great pillow. Hopefully they have another!

The most noticeable aspect of this pillow is its adaptive inner core.  When you place you’re head on top of it the pillow doesn’t allow your head to sink in too much. It feels just right.

Casper Sheets

I had the opportunity to sleep on the Casper Sheets. I was genuinely surprised at how they felt.  I went into the experience wondering why Casper would even start a line of their own cotton sheets.

I quickly found out that they were not just any cotton sheets. Casper has sourced their cotton from California and is utilizing on the specific brand of Supima cotton.

Supima is known for its longer in length cotton strands.

What does this mean for me?

This means that whenever you go to wash your sheets in your washer and dryer that there will be no fraying cotton hairs that start to poke out.

Shorter length cotton tends to stick out which can indicate that your sheets are being used a lot.

These sheets are tough and will look brand new wash after wash.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery are free of charge for their customers. Casper ships to the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Irrespective of the size, Casper ships in a 19” x 19” x 42” standard box. If you are based in the United States, your mattress will be delivered to you by UPS from any of casper’s warehouse partners.

Casper mattress shipping time is exactly when you declare that you want it delivered. In rare situations does it show up late.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Casper really the best choice for anyone?

It is difficult to say that casper is really the best for everyone. We chose this mattress as our favorite simply because it was affordable, comfortable and had a satisfaction guarantee. They guaranteed me that I would like their mattress and if I did not I could return it within the 90 day window.

Is Casper Eco Friendly?

It Is Eco-Friendly, The foams we use are CertiPUR certified, which means we do not use any form of toxic or harmful chemicals during the construction of our mattresses.

Do you think you are too heavy for a Casper mattress alone?

There is no weight limit for Casper mattress as long as the right base is used. If you think you have a lot of weight and you are worried about sinking into the support layer too much, we recommend the Casper Foundation which is designed to work perfectly with Casper’s different mattress lines.

What is the Casper mattress weight limit?

The Casper mattress weight limit is not something you should be too worried about. The mattress is firm and will not collapse under standard human weight conditions. It is much more important to be thinking about a  sturdy bed frame.


Caper offers a 10 years limited warranty to their customers.

However, this is only available to the original buyer of the mattress which means the warranty can’t be transferred if you give your Casper Mattress away or sell it.