GhostBed Review

If its time for a new bed and your looking for the right mattress. We at make this process easy. The new mattress on we’ve got on our list is the GhostBed.

GhostBed Mattress Corner

The newly founded company and division of Nature’s Sleep, GhostBed, took its first steps in the mattress industry in 2015. And has certainly been making its mark. Starting with just one mattress, GhostBed 11-inch has quickly taken the bedding scene by offering bases, foundations, pillows, and even a second mattress called the GhostBed Luxe. By eliminating the need of taking a step into any store. Available on, they conveniently have their mattresses delivered door-to-door with free shipping.

The GhostBed Components

The GhostBed is divided into three main layers. The 1.5 Inch Latex foam Comfort Layer. The 2.0 Inch Gel Memory Foam Compression Layer. And the 7.5 Inch High Density PolyFoam Base Layer. Draped over the top is a thin Cover Layer made of a stretchy viscose and polyester polymer. Due to its thinness and stretchiness, the cover layer is highly ventilated for temperature regulation. It doesn’t bunch up when adjusting position on the mattress and it doesn’t interfere with the feel of the soft upper foam layer.

The upper most comfort layer consists of 1.5 inches of latex foam that is built to respond quickly to pressure. This layer gives the mattress a bit of bounce and provides resistance against sinking down into the bed. The latex material additionally is able to dissipate body heat, which helps prevent the sleeper from waking up in a pile of sweat at 4:00AM.

Heading down one layer is the 2 Inch Compression Layer consisting of 2 inches of gel memory foam. This layer is what contours to the body and adds the feeling of being caressed while lying down. The 2-inch layer is a bit deeper than other gel memory foam layer which is a plus for side sleepers because it supports the excess compression from a higher weight concentration.

The third layer from the top is the whopping 7.5-inch base layer made of high density poly foam. This layer is the backbone of the bed, providing support and additional durability.

The Feel

In regards to comfort, the sleepers weight actually determines the feel of the bed. For a heavier body weight sleeper, the firmness ranges ~6/10, which is a semi-firm feeling. If your on the lighter side, the mattress gives a firmness of about 7/10, which is around the average for most of the other competing mattresses such as Leesa. We’ve averaged the weight to 6.5/10, which is a good feel comfort wise and keeps your comfort when lying in different positions.

The Breakdown

Now its time to breakdown what sleeper this mattress is best for.

  • The overheater- The aerated latex and gel infused memory foam are great cooling materials that allows dissipation of body heat evenly
  • The shifter- If your changing sleeping positions all the time, the medium range firmness of the mattress will set you sleeping regardless of your sleeping preference.
  • The acher- If you generally feel a lack of pressure relief on your current mattress, the GhostBed’s combo latex and memory layer allow enough sinkage to promote pressure relief across the length of your body.
  • The economist- Surprisingly at a much lower starting price than most of its competitors, this mattress is made of quality and durable material.

If any of these sleeping characteristics match you, then the GhostBed is a great choice. Even if you may not classify with one of these traits. GhostBed is an affordable and comfortable mattress that you will not regret purchasing.

The Breakdown.

All in all, the GhostBed is a great mattress that will suit a wide demographic of sleepers. You can have your GhostBed shipped free to the continental United States and conveniently compressed in box for ease of transport. GhostBed additionally has a 101-night sleep trial period, so you can make sure you love it before you keep it. There is a  20-year warranty that makes sure that your GhostBed is covered by any mishap that happens it.

Now go get some sleep!!