Best Sleeping Pads for Hammocks

You may be wondering:

What is the best sleeping pad for my hammock?

Are Hammock Beds the Answer?

We spent a couple of days doing some digging. We had the opportunity to speak with a former special forces and now hammock designer! We setup each of the pads in different kinds of hammocks and each of us took turns seeing which options we preferred the most and developed this comprehensive lis.

SleepCompare© has tested and determined the best hammock pads today we’re going to share with you what we found out!

We will show you the best options from Amazon, REI and more!

To test each of these pads we used what we consider to be the gold standard of hammocks and used a two person hammock from Eagle’s Nest Outfitters.

Klymit hammock V pad

We figured it was necessary to start here because this tends to be the most popular and due to its particular design attracts the most amount of attention.

We placed this pad in the hammock and it was a completely different feel like we had not felt before. It felt almost like it was meant to be in the hammock and should have been there the whole time.

This pad comes in two different types. Insulated and non-insulated. Both have raving reviews. The Insulated in particular stands out the most amongst the reviews because of its incredible ability to keep you warm throughout a cold winter night.

I decided to give it a shot and while it wasn’t the coldest of nights I could tell the difference in having the extra insulation.

I had to include this awesome picture Klymit has  of someone who just looks beyond comfy.




ENO, Airloft Hammock Mattress

Here at Sleepcompare we are absolutely in love with Eagle’s Nest Outfitters otherwise known as ENO. It was essential for us to include the Airloft Hammock Mattress in this guide.

When we first got our hands on it we noticed this pad was much simpler than the other pads that we had tried. ENO was not trying to out due themselves but this pad for sure still gets the job done.

I slept on this pad in an ENO for a chilly night and figured determined that it was about the same comfort level as the Klymit hammock v pad. If you are looking to purchase the cheaper option of the two this is your best bet.

Sleeping pad vs Underquilt

One of the first problems you run into when you are going to purchase a sleeping pad for your hammock is whether or not you need a sleeping pad or an underquilt.

We decided to see what are the best underquilts were so we didn’t leave any stone unturned.

ENO Ember Under Quilt

Here is an under quilt by Eagles Nest  Outfitters. I found that this quilt did a great job at trapping heat in my hammock.

There was one issue I found to be a bit annoying. I found myself camping in an area that did not have any trees and was forced to use the underquilt as a pad. Make sure you know that you will have ample supply of trees around.

OneTigris Hammock Underquilt

Here is a personal favorite of mine. OneTigris put a lot of nice touches into making this underquilt.

When it comes to using an underquilt there are not a lot of negatives you can find. This one definitely gets the job done and feels a bit thicker than other brands. This is really helpful in super cold climates.

Best sleeping pad for ENO Hammock

A lot of times we are asked, what is the best sleeping pad for the ENO Hammock. The truth is that most of these sleeping pads will fit similarly in all of the hammocks.

It’s hard to go wrong by just using the ENO pad. It is specifically designed to work with the ENO so you can be sure you will not run into any issues.

My second pick would to be to go with the Klymit V.

Why do you need a sleeping pad for a hammock?

You  need a sleeping pad for your hammock if you are going to be doing some long adventures and you are confident the weather will get cold at night.

The parachute liner of hammocks is very thin and provides little to no warmth when you wrap yourself in it.

Anything below 60 degrees Fahrenheit it will be worth it to check out a sleeping pad.

What is a Hammock sleeping pad?

A sleeping pad is a plush yet durable yoga mat of sorts that can easily turn a cold hammock into a warm one.

This is a game changing addition to hammocking and can make it so you never actually want to leave your hammock.