Standard King Vs. California King: All That You Need To Know

Ok, it is clear that you have interest in sizing up your bed. Once you surpass the regal Queen bed, there are only two other paths to choose. The all mighty king bed or the flamboyant, Shaquille O’Neil rocking Cali-for-nai-aye (California) King bed. Although you may think that going with the California King is like buying the yacht of all beds, its more or less like getting a fully loaded pick-up truck compared to a hummer. Let me explain.

Lets start with the standard king, also known as the Eastern king. This bed sports a 80″ long and 76″ wide dimensions. This bed is roughly the length and width of two twin beds sandwiched together. This bed is ideal for sleeping just two adults who want enough room to each eat a full course meal on either side of the bed without a single plate or glass clanking one another’s.

Also sleeping two parents and a child, two adults and one massive dog, or two adults and numerous small dogs. To simply put it, this bed is wide  and for that reason, it is the widest bed on the market.

Now if you are curious what size sheets to get, a fitted sheet for a king sized bed is typically 76” x 80” x 15” and a flat sheet is usually 110” x 114”.

Now traveling from the east coast to the west coast, we have our California (Cal) King, otherwise known as the Western King. The most common misconception about the Cal King is that it is the largest bed on the market. To debunk this theory we have compared the actual sizes.

The Cal King comes in measuring 84in long and 72 in wide, so in actuality the Cal King is longer, yet thinner than the Eastern King. These beds were specifically designed for very tall sleepers hence why the Cal King has an appeal to NBA players due to the fact that the extra length prevents their legs from dangling off the edge of the bed! While the Cal King is 4 inches thinner than a eastern king, compared to a queen, it is actually 12 inches wider, so you are still getting ample width with this bed.

While I would easily say this bed is compatible with two adults and children or pets, I cannot assure you that a plate or glass may not clank during full course meal consumption.

In regards to sheets, a fitted sheet for the Cal King is 73” x 85” x 15”, while a flat sheet is 111” x 114”.

Now comes choosing time. Which bed is the best one for me? I will break that down right here

Eastern King

  • I have enough space in my bedroom to put a wide bed in there.
  • I want a ton of room to roll around, toss my pillows, and sleep as far away from my partner while still being on the same bed.
  • I have a child and/or 1-5 pets (depending on the size) that want to share my sleeping habitat.
  • I am not super tall and wont have to worry about my feet going numb while dangling off the bed.

California King

  • I am a famous basketball player
  • I am as tall as a famous basketball player
  • I am over 6’1 and I hate when my legs dangle off my bed
  • My dog prefers sleeping at the foot of the bed instead of snuggling up next to me