Leesa Review

Looking for the right mattress can be an arduous process. Fortunately, we make finding the perfect bed simple

The Leesa is the mattress we’ve got our eyes on today.

The Leesa mattress is a best seller in the online mattress industry and a top competitor with other beds, such as Casper, Helix, and Purple.

Leesa is a click-to-buy, door-to-door delivery mattress company that comes with the typical 100-day sleep trial for any bed purchased from them.

The Leesa flagship mattress is built with an all foam construction and divided into three different layers. The different layers function to provide a balanced mix of support and pressure relief.


The Purchase and Unboxing

Ordering you Leesa Mattress is very easy. Just a couple of clicks and you will have the mattress of your choice being hand delivered to your door.

When the box arrived all you will have to do is break the plastic seal that surrounds the mattress.

The mattress is vacuum sealed so as soon as you start to cut into the plastic it will immediately inflate to its final form.

What’s Inside?

The cover is made of a thick, durable, polyester blend; the top Cover Layer is soft to the touch.  Despite its thickness, the polyester blend allows ample airflow to promote breathability and temperature regulation.

The upper middle layer is the Comfort Layer, which consists of 2-inches of Avena foam that is similar to latex foam. The Avena layer responds quickly to pressure allowing the mattress to have some bounce. Furthermore, the outer material has a perforated surface allowing enhanced temperature regulation.

The bottom middle layer consists of 2 inches of memory foam. The memory foam contours to the sleeper’s body and has some give to provide excellent pressure relief. Regardless of memory foams reputation to trap heat; the Avena layer is able to ventilate the memory foam layer quite well.

Lastly is the bottom-most Base Layer. The Base Layer is a whopping 6-inches tall. Made with high-density poly foam to support the three comforting layers on top. It acts as the foundation of the mattress to define the shape and provide its durable structure.


In regards to firmness, the Leesa ranks a ubiquitous 7/10 towards the firmer side.

The extra bounce and cushioning from the upper three layers makes it a very comfortable firmness and doesn’t feel like a you’re laying on too flat of a surface.

A key element of a good mattress is pressure relief in different positions and the Leesa does a great job at this.

We mapped stomach, back and side sleepers on the Leesa using pressure mapping technology and here is what we found:

It was clear that the mattress does an excellent job at distributing weight properly.

Who will love a Leesa Mattress?

Here we will break down what kind of sleepers will love the Leesa

Stomach and Back Sleepers

For stomach or back sleepers, the Leesa is able to keep the spine aligned throughout the entirety of the night.

Normally a large amount is unevenly distributed to the hips and lower back area. This mattress does a great job of making sure you are not dipping into the mattress too much even with a partner.

Leesa provides lots of pressure relief throughout the whole body. Which is due to layering. The bounce from the Avena foam allows adjustment of sleeping position very easily giving you more of a feeling of sleeping on top of the mattress.

The Breakdown

All in all, the Leesa is a great mattress and an excellent fit for a lot of people looking to upgrade their mattress. Below is a list of sleeping traits that I think this mattress will truly satisfy.

  • A side-to-side tosser. The springy feel of the Avena foam on the top layer makes sleeping adjustment easy and without any suction feeling
  • A belly sleeper and a back breather. For those who sleep on their stomach or back, this mattress does a great job at providing pressure relief and proper spinal support
  • Bed Sweaters. If you get hot and sweaty at night, the breathability of the perforated memory foam layer will definitely assist keeping you cool at night

If any of these sleeping characteristics match you, then the Leesa is a great choice. Even if you may not classify with one of these traits. The Leesa is an affordable and comfortable mattress that you will not regret purchasing.