My Pillow Review

It is not often that you see a television advertisement for a pillow claiming that it is the most comfortable pillow that you will ever own.

SleepCompare decided that we had to get our hands on MyPillow and put it to the test.

Initial Reactions

This pillow has a chunky feel.

You can easily move the insides of the pillow around to make it as comfortable as you please. It provides ample support and I surprisingly didn’t hate it.

At first I said there was no way anything they are shilling on TV like this could be that comfortable.

The markup with As Seen on TV items is normally insane but if you have a chance to see how comfy this pillow really is you may end up being as happy as I was.

Who might like the MyPillow?

The pillow is honestly for all types of people.

As a side sleeper I found that the pillow really supported my heavy head and allowed me a good night sleep.

I tend to move around a lot in my sleep which can mess up the shape of the pillow.

I found that even in my sleep I was able to reshape the pillow with my face.

Who will not enjoy this pillow?

If you prefer a flat pillow than there is a strong possibility that you will not like this pillow as much.

The chunky insides of the pillow tend to raise your head more than most pillows.

If you like to plant your head right in the center of the pillow the rising sides can be an issue. The sides can come up enough and block your mouth. This is a bit annoying if you are not used to it but I tend to keep my head to the side of my pillow anyways.

Would you suggest the regular pillow over the kingsize pillow?

It depends what you are looking for:

The king size pillow seemed to be too large for me to use as a regular pillow. This goes for most king size pillows though. I preferred the standard option.

It fit comfortably between my legs which really helped align my back throughout the night.

What is the MyPillow return policy?

There is a 60 day money back guarantee.

This makes your purchase of the pillow risk free.

What are you waiting for give this pillow a try as soon as possible!

What do other’s think?


My pillow marketing can be seen as somewhat scammy. Their ads are filled with puffery.

They are very quick to tell you that they guarantee that you will sleep better and have all of these actors that give raving testimonials.

They are using old school marketing tactics to sell people a slightly above average pillow for an exorbitant price. It’s time for you to be the judge.