How does SleepCompare complete its reviews?

The Sleepcompare reviews starts at the purchase of the actual mattress. Once we have purchased the mattress of choice we take notes about every form of interaction that we have with the company. This includes any emails and shipping notifications we get.

Once we receive the box we move forward to the unboxing of the mattress. This process usually just involves us opening up the packaging and examining their particular style of compression and marketing that comes with the mattress.

We then slice open the plastic wrap that is vacuum sealing and compressing the mattress. We make sure to notice anything abnormal about how fast or slow the mattress comes into its final form.

Next, We place the Mattress on your standard platform bed frame. We usually use the same one for pretty much all of them as a constant for our tests. We always use the Zinus Smart Base Elite in the queen size because this is the most common size purchased on the internet.

Once everything is setup we move forward with all of our tests:

We lay one person onto the mattress and find out the firmness, bounciness and a number of other features and benefits you may look for when purchasing a mattress. We are specifically looking at the depth at which people sink into the mattress because there is a specific goldilocks zone that these companies need to be hitting.

We then lay a second person onto the mattress to make sure there is no dipping into the center. If there is no dipping it is good enough for us to continue the review.   If it doesn’t pass this test than for us here at Sleepcompare its not worth having on our website.

We make sure to take it one step further and actually make sure to sleep on the mattress for at least one night before we donate them to charity.

What kind of relationship does SleepCompare have with the mattress companies?

We actually have no affiliation with the mattress companies themselves. However we are part of the Amazon Associates program that helps provide a monetization method to bloggers across the internet.

One of the final things we like to do in our reviews is discuss the marketing tactics and strategies that these companies are using. Some have come up with intricate marketing ploys to get people to make videos about their mattress while some have simply purchased other mattress review sites to dupe people into buying whatever they say is best.

Anything you think we should add?

If there is ever anything you think is necessary for us to be covering I highly suggest that you take a second and write to us from our contact section located in the menu bar. We get hundreds of messages a day but we love hearing on improvements we could make.

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