TempurPedic Mattress Review

There’s a reason why Tempur-Pedic is a household name for memory foam mattresses.

Tempur-Pedic is one of the oldest mattress companies in the industry and continues to improves and refine their mattresses every year. Let’s take a look at what make Tempur-Pedic one of the largest and most trustworthy mattress companies in the world.

TEMPUR Material

So what makes Tempur-Pedic memory foam so special? TEMPUR material. This foam has revolutionized the way the world sleeps. TEMPUR material really responds and conforms to your body ensuring you have a quality sleep every usage. The new technology in TEMPUR material  responds to temperature as well as weight and body shape for increased comfort and support. In addition, the foam conforms to your body perfectly minimizing pressure points that can lead to restless nights without sleep. This quality also makes Tempur-Pedic a  great option for those looking for mattresses to share. TEMPUR material reduces the amount you toss and turn as well as motion transfers, so that you won’t feel your sleep partners movement .


Tempur-Pedic mattresses aren’t cheap, but buying one is a worthwhile investment. You are guaranteed a quality mattress that will last you an average of 7 years. Queen-sized mattresses can average between $2000 and $4000, and go as high as $7,500.


2017 Tempur-Pedic Collections

There are three main lines of Tempur-Pedic mattresses. Since there is no superior model of the three, this review will go through all 3 collections and highlight the best features of each.

  1. Tempur-Contour: If you prefer a firm mattress, have back pain issues, or sleep on your back or stomach, the Contour collection is worth looking into. These mattresses are firmer which makes them comfortable for stomach or back sleepers. The firmness of the mattress is due to high-density foam making them more supportive than other collections and better suited for those struggling with back pain. As if this collection couldn’t get much better, you also get more value from this collection due to its relatively low cost.
  2. Tempur-Cloud: The Cloud collection is a great fit for you if you prefer soft mattresses, sleep on your side, and don’t mind spending a bit more cash. These mattresses are softer than other collections, making them more suitable for side sleepers. In addition, they are more suitable for people who do not weigh much due to their softness.
  3. Tempur-Flex: Can’t choose between  memory foam or springs? You don’t have to with Tempur-Flex! This mattress is the first of its kind from Tempur-Pedic to incorporate springs in their famous foam mattresses. The Flex collection is great for those who like memory foam but also want a spring response. This quality also makes it great for those who sleep in multiple positions as it is adaptable and has medium softness.