Which States Sleep Best

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When it comes to sleeping, certain states are better than others. The CDC recently released a study.

They polled citizens in the United States and asked if they received equal to or more than 7 hours a sleep a night. The responses are very interesting to see represented on a map. The numbers below each state are the percentages of the responses affirming to that fact.

Here are the 9 Best States

  1. Montana
  2. Idaho
  3. Utah
  4. Colorado
  5. Nebraska
  6. South Dakota
  7. Iowa
  8. Minnesota
  9. Vermont

Here are the 10 worst states

  1. Michigan
  2. New York
  3. Indiana
  4. Ohio
  5. Kentucky
  6. West Virginia
  7. Maryland
  8. Alabama
  9. Georgia
  10. South Carolina

It starts to make sense when you see the visual evidence.

If you look at the map above it seems that all the states that reportedly sleep the best tend to be located in the great plains while all of the states on the east coast are reportedly slightly worse off.

Can light pollution hurt your sleep?

We looked at a map to compare the SleepCompare – CDC map of the U.S. with a photograph taken by NASA of the United States at night.

You can quickly notice that there is a clear correlation between the amount of light at night and how well someone slept in that state.

If you take a look at the facts on the ground.

Many studies have proven before that exposure to blue lights can hinder your sleeping patterns.

Correlation does not equal Causation

It would not be in our best interest to make a scientific claim that we have discovered the reasoning behind why certain states do not sleep as well as others.

Here at SleepCompare we found this data compelling and interesting enough to share with our readers and make some conclusions and tips of our own.

What does this mean for me?

This means that if you want to sleep better make sure you limit your access to bright lights before bed. We know that you may hear this all the time but now you can see some proof that there are legitimate concerns behind theories like this!